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BookBiennale is an observatory, simultaneously winking at the Venice Biennale and colliding with its surface, creating its own identity.
BookBiennale is a wave coming out of the artistic beating heart of the city, moving and reverberating independently, like sound and rhythm in a broad reflective spectrum.
BookBiennale is a parallel dimension based in Venice, made in Venice, (inter)acting with fantasies and realities from all around the world.
BookBiennale is a temporary research space, rooted in water, thus fluid and open.

BookBiennale is a question we either pose or try to answer, a crisp blank page, an interview, a vaporetto ride in the heat wave, a bookmark, a phone number you might want to call, a train ticket, a friend of a friend of a friend who has heard about it, a bear, a workshop, an artist’s book, a way to enrich one’s Biennale experience, or to escape from it, a bookshop you have probably spent some time in, or have peered into while passing by, a tool to look at what it means or doesn’t mean to be a publisher today.

Telegram Channel
BookBiennale Telegram Channel is a platform to further expand our research on contemporary publishing. Every month, the contents of the BookBiennale channel will be entirely curated by professionals ranging from art, architecture, graphic design, publishing, cinema, theatre and performing arts, that will be invited to temporary take over the platform. The channel aims to be an open, independent space for sharing ideas, notes, considerations, experiences, open to anyone who wishes to take part.

Open Book Launch
Inspired by the Open Mic Live Shows, it will occupy bruno bookshop with a series of 10-minutes book presentations, inviting publishers, artists, curators and designers and exploring a variety of themes and backgrounds.

Flicks Books
curated by Federico Antonini
Flicks Books is a casual, semi-bootleg screening of artist’s (but not only) short films, where moving images dwell in an interstitial space shared with fixed images, books, print, archives and photography. The short films will be screened in streaming from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, platforms packed with hidden gems whose future is uncertain. Roll up before they get removed!


Book Bag
Book Bag by Åbäke △ Roberto Fossali @ Grafiche Veneziane is a bag to carry around during your Biennale experience.
BookMark is a series of 10 bookmarks in an edition of 250, customized by different players involved in the Biennale.
more editions soon


BookBiennale is a temporary research space and an opportunity to reflect on the present world of publishing. Taking advantage of the atmosphere one can breathe in Venice during the international art and architecture exhibitions, it intercepts and involves a long list of players. BookBiennale uses heterogeneous tools like presentations, interviews, podcasts and limited editions such as shelves, bookmarks and bags developed together with artists.

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