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Opening Week 20-23 April

 20 SERI(a). Sericulture Station: Papers / Research / Poetry / Archive Spector Books | Kona Books Olaf Nicolai

 21 EUPavilion bruno Eight proposals for the first European pavilion at the Venice Biennale

 22 Mousse Magazine and Publishing

 23 Taxonomy of The Barricade Nero Wolfgang Scheppe

Studiolo Installation by Matteo Ghidoni – Salottobuono

Lightweight carrier bag Editions by P A X {Venezia}


BookBiennale is an observatory, simultaneously winking at the Venice Biennale and colliding with its surface, creating its own identity.
BookBiennale is a wave coming out of the artistic beating heart of the city, moving and reverberating independently, like sound and rhythm in a broad reflective spectrum.
BookBiennale is a parallel dimension based in Venice, made in Venice, (inter)acting with fantasies and realities from all around the world.
BookBiennale is a temporary research space, rooted in water, thus fluid and open.

Wait, books in a lagoon?
Yes, it’s fine, the tide only rises for a few hours at a time.

BookBiennale is a question we either pose or try to answer, a crisp blank page, an interview, a vaporetto ride in the heat wave, a bookmark, a phone number you might want to call, a train ticket, a friend of a friend of a friend who has heard about it, a bear, a workshop, an artist’s book, a way to enrich one’s Biennale experience, or to escape from it, a bookshop you have probably spent some time in, or have peered into while passing by, a tool to look at what it means or doesn’t mean to be a publisher today, a project starting from May 2019.

The 2022 edition of BookBiennale will take place around and through Studiolo: a project conceived by Matteo Ghidoni – Salottobuono, the first episode of the transition from paper to reality of Cabins, a theoretical-critical reflection carried out by Ghidoni on the value of being in the world and on primary human needs. The structure will host a series of meetings with the aim of bringing together personalities who gravitate around the world of art, architecture and publishing. Studiolo is made up of two crossing walls, a parasitic structure yet with its own private entrance; it fits into the inner courtyard of bruno’s ecosystem by breaking it down into four ‘scenes’ and thus triggering two-way visual relationships. The name of the project alludes to the Renaissance idea of a place of retreat, study and sedimentation of individual obsessions. A showcase divided into four parts, each of which is (not necessarily) destined for a specific function: a worktop, a shower, a sink and a seat. Studiolo questions the physical and semantic limits between inside and outside, between intimate and exhibited, between finished and unfinished, between isolation and solitude.

“Studiolo is the first attempt to translate minimal living units from paper into reality: Cabins,” says Matteo Ghidoni, “which, by optimising the available resources, works on subtraction, exploring the possibilities of a spartan, incomplete life, removing the superfluous and leaving the bare structure on view to see how it may be transformed by use during these months of exhibition. Grafting onto the inside of bruno, Studiolo thus becomes a stage that will come alive with interviews, readings, podcasts and performances. A multifunctional structure: a house to live in, a refuge to be preserved, an experience to be lived, a place to exchange ideas, a place to create new projects, a place to discuss, a place to let your imagination run wild, a place to sunbathe, a place to cool off, a place to laze around.

On Wednesday 20 April, German artist Olaf Nicolai presents SERI(a). Sericulture Station: Papers / Research / Poetry / Archive, a project conceived by Nicolai with the intention of developing a platform for the various publishing activities of the State Silk Museum in Tbilisi. This series of publications brings together the scientific work of the institution, its various collaborations with contemporary curators, artists and other institutions, but also aims to serve as an archive for some of the most diverse documents on the topic of sericulture. The presentation is accompanied by the temporary installation of the poster series a spindleful / here / again by Olaf Nicolai.

Thursday 21 April sees the presentation of the volume EUPavilion, edited by Anna Livia Friel and Marco Provinciali, featuring the research carried out by the eponymous collective since 2018 along with eight projects for the first European pavilion at the Venice Biennale. The projects by Armature Globale, BB (Alessandro Bava and Fabrizio Ballabio) with Tomaso De Luca, Jasmina Cibic, Diogo Passarinho Studio, Plan Común, Something Fantastic, TEN and Evita Vasiljeva were presented in the online exhibition EUPavilion Eight Proposals curated by Anna Livia Friel and Marco Provinciali with Benjamin Gallegos Gabilondo, Nicolò Ornaghi and Francesco Zorzi.

The day of Friday 22 will be dedicated to Mousse Magazine and Publishing, showcasing a selection of recent publications, including the latest issues of the magazine. The event will be accompanied by a conversation with Francesco Valtolina, Art Director of the magazine and the publishing house.

Closing the BookBiennale launch days, on Saturday 23 Wolfgang Scheppe presents Taxonomy of the barricade. Image acts of political authority in May 1968 published by NERO editions. Wolfgang Scheppe lives between Switzerland and Venice, where he teaches political philosophy. In this book he addresses the study of the iconographic taxonomy – which he researched, conceived and designed – that traces the visual control of the state and the police through almost 500 images from the police archives of May 1968 in Paris.

BookBiennale opened in Venice on 10 May 2019 as a temporary research space dedicated to publishing. BookBiennale is an opportunity to reflect on the present world of publishing. Taking advantage of the atmosphere one can breathe in Venice during the international art and architecture exhibitions, it intercepts and involves a long list of players. BookBiennale uses heterogeneous tools like presentations, interviews, podcasts and limited editions such as shelves, bookmarks and bags developed together with artists.


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