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Flicks Books Events 29–31 August 2019

Book Bag Editions by Åbäke △ Roberto Fossali @ Grafiche Veneziane

BookMark Editions


BookBiennale is an observatory, simultaneously winking at the Venice Biennale and colliding with its surface, creating its own identity.
BookBiennale is a wave coming out of the artistic beating heart of the city, moving and reverberating independently, like sound and rhythm in a broad reflective spectrum.
BookBiennale is a parallel dimension based in Venice, made in Venice, (inter)acting with fantasies and realities from all around the world.
BookBiennale is a temporary research space, rooted in water, thus fluid and open.

Wait, books in a lagoon?
Yes, it’s fine, the tide only rises for a few hours at a time.

BookBiennale is a question we either pose or try to answer, a crisp blank page, an interview, a vaporetto ride in the heat wave, a bookmark, a phone number you might want to call, a train ticket, a friend of a friend of a friend who has heard about it, a bear, a workshop, an artist’s book, a way to enrich one’s Biennale experience, or to escape from it, a bookshop you have probably spent some time in, or have peered into while passing by, a tool to look at what it means or doesn’t mean to be a publisher today, a project starting from May 2019.

Book Bag
Book Bag by Åbäke △ Roberto Fossali @ Grafiche Veneziane is a bag to carry around during your Biennale experience.
BookMark is a series of 10 bookmarks in an edition of 250, customized by different players involved in the Biennale.
Artist’s Bookshelf
Artist’s Bookshelf is a bookshelf in an edition of 10 made in collaboration with international artists.
BookBiennale Podcast
BookBiennale Podcast is a series of podcasts curated by Giovanna Silva that will open a conversation around the world of contemporary publishing with many players involved in the 58. Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte.
more editions soon


Flicks Books – curated by Federico Antonini
Flicks Books is a casual, semi-bootleg screening of artist’s (but not only) short films, where moving images dwell in an interstitial space shared with fixed images, books, print, archives and photography. The short films will be screened in streaming from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, platforms packed with hidden gems whose future is uncertain. Roll up before they get removed!

Coming soon

Open Book Launch
Inspired by the Open Mic Live Shows, it will occupy bruno bookshop on Friday 10 May with a series of 10-minutes book presentations, inviting publishers, artists, curators and designers and exploring a variety of themes and backgrounds.

Presentation by Isabella Zamboni and Luigi Amato from Mousse Publishing.

Weather Report — Forecasting Future by Ane Graff, Ingela Ihrman, Nabbteeri, designed by Luigi Amato, edited by Leevi Haapala and Piia Oksanen.
Catalogue of The Nordic Pavilion curated by Leevi Haapala, Piia Oksanen.

flick Fatherland by Serwan Baran, edited by Tamara Chalabi, Paolo Colombo and Natasha Gasparian, designed by Luigi Amato.
Catalogue of The Iraqi Pavilion curated by Tamara Chalabi, Paolo Colombo.

Family Album by Alban Muja, edited by Vincent Honoré and Anya Harrison.
Catalogue of The Kosovo Pavilion curated by Vincent Honore.

History Has Failed Us, but No Matter by Hwayeon Nam, siren eun young jung, Jane Jin Kaisen, edited by Hyunjin Kim, designed by Luigi Amato, Davide Giorgetta.
Catalogue of The Korean Pavilion curated by Hyunjin Kim.

Post Hoc by Dane Mitchell, edited by Zara Stanhope and Chris Sharp.
Catalogue of The New Zealand Pavilion curated by Zara Stanhope and Chris Sharp.

Maleth / Haven / Port — Heterotopias of Evocation by Vince Briffa, Klitsa Antoniou, Trevor Borg, edited by Hesperia Iliadou de Subplajo-Suppiej.
Catalogue of The Malta Pavilion curated by Hesperia Iliadou Suppiej.

Acts of God by Pablo Vargas Lugo, edited by Magalí Arriola.
Catalogue of The Mexican Pavilion curated by Magalí Arriola.

Maybe the Cosmos is not so Extraordinary by Driant Zeneli.
Catalogue of The Albanian Pavilion curated by Alicia Knock.

Altered Views by Voluspa Jarpa.
Catalogue of The Chilean Pavilion curated by Agustín Pérez Rubio.

Presentation by Alexis Mark studio.
Heirloom by Larissa Sansour, designed by Alexis Mark, published by the Danish Art Foundation. Catalogue of The Danish Pavilion curated by Nat Muller.

Bookmark by David Horvitz.
David Horvitz will do an edition of bookmarks in 10 minutes.

Presentation by Kenneth Goldsmith, Luca Lo Pinto, Valerio Mannucci and Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.
HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails by Kenneth Goldsmith, designed and published by NERO Editions. Catalogue of the exhibition HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails at Despar Teatro Italia curated by Francesco Urbano Ragazzi.

Presentation by Giovanna Silva and Valerio Di Lucente.
Neither Nor. The Challenge to the Labyrinth by Enrico David, Liliana Moro, Chiara Fumai, designed by Studio Julia, published by Humboldt Books.
Catalogue of The Italian Pavilion curated by Milovan Farronato.

Presentation by Konstanze Schütze and Ella Tetrault.
PIZZA IS GOD, edited by Ella Tetrault, Konstanze Schütze, Alain Bieber, designed by Thomas Artur Spallek, published by Verlag Kettler.
A cultural reader released for the exhibition Pizza Is God at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf (16 February – 20 May 2018, curated by Marie Nipper, Mikkel Carl, Konstanze Schütze, Paul Barsch).

Presentation by Lucia Pietroiusti and Åbäke.
Sun & Sea (Marina) by Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė and Lina Lapelytė, designed by Åbäke, published by Skira editore, printed in Venice at Grafiche Veneziane, and screenprinted at Malefatte – Rio Terà dei Pensieri, a co-operative run by inmates of the male prison of Santa Maria Maggiore, Venice.
Catalogue of The Lithuanian Pavilion curated by Lucia Pietroiusti.

Presentation by Karen Sarkisov.
Time, Forward!, edited by Omar Kholeif and Karen Sarkisov, designed by Experimental Jetset and Lyosha Kritsouk, published by V—A—C Press and DelMonico Books-Prestel.
Reader of the collective project Time, Forward! at V-A-C Zattere Foundation.

Presentation by Marco Godinho and Multiplo.
See Another Sea by Marco Godinho, designed by Multiplo, published by Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain.
Catalogue of the Luxembourg Pavilion curated by Kevin Muhlen.

Presentation by Mirko Rizzi, Steve Piccolo, Giancarlo Norese and Armando Della Vittoria.
E IL TOPO n°24 — Jimmie Durham, published by EdiTorre del Greco and Zero Venezia.
Magazine launched in conjunction with a performance by the artists of E IL TOPO and Jimmie Durham at Thomas Dane Gallery in Naples (26 January 2019).


BookBiennale opens in Venice on 10 May as a temporary research space dedicated to publishing. BookBiennale is an opportunity to reflect on the present world of publishing. Taking advantage of the atmosphere one can breathe in Venice during the international art and architecture exhibitions, it intercepts and involves a long list of players. BookBiennale uses heterogeneous tools like presentations, interviews, podcasts and limited editions such as shelves, bookmarks and bags developed together with artists.

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